I am pleased to introduce the Health Futures UTC. I hope that what you read in our prospectus will prompt you to find out more about us. Health Futures UTC has been created to provide an outstanding education to young people while also giving them a unique insight into the health and health science sector. As such, we are partnered with a huge range of employers who lend their expertise, facilities and time to make sure our students are best placed to be their future employees. This, allied with our state-of-the-art facilities, makes Health Futures UTC an essential choice for any young person interested in a career in this high skill, high demand and high employment sector of the economy.

To make sure our students are well prepared for their future, our offer goes well beyond that of other schools. Our employer partners not only advise our teaching staff on the practical application of school subjects but help design and deliver vocational and practical aspects of the curriculum as well. In addition, our students have significant chances to gain real experience that is genuinely relevant to their future. I hope you are as excited by the opportunity that Health Futures UTC offers. If so, please read on and visit us to find out more.

Ruth Umerah

Interim Principal


We offer Tomorrow’s Education Today

We’re excited and proud to be the first UTC in the UK to specialise in health care and health science, offering learning and career opportunities for young people like no other school or college in the region.

By combining academic study with real-life work projects, personal development activities, and career opportunities our young people will become well-rounded work-ready individuals. They will benefit from a combination of qualified national curriculum teaching and putting their learning into practice in exciting, work-focused projects that are delivered in partnership with employer professionals.

We’re able to deliver this ‘tomorrow’s education today’ concept through a robust partnership of 20 major health, education and public sector organisations all working together. This approach supports the development of academic, practical and life skills in our young people, equipping them to meet the demands from employers for good qualifications, transferable skills and a professional attitude to work – whatever career path they eventually choose. There’s no doubt that Health Futures UTC is a fantastic place for 11-19 year olds to gain a unique top-class education, build confidence and explore a vast range of career and higher education pathways.

The Health Futures’ Vision

Our vision is to provide a broad, inclusive health and science curriculum, delivered to the highest standards in partnership with our employer partners. This will ensure that our learners receive personalised, practical experiences, offering opportunities that enrich their experience above and beyond that normally expected and enhancing their employability.