Abby Lees, Sixth Form

Health futures UTC has helped me to discover alternative career paths through the curriculum and lectures from employers. These lectures have also opened my eyes to the range of jobs available in the NHS and the health care service. Thanks to the UTC I have been able to pick a career path that is more suited to my skills and personality. I feel like studying at Health Futures UTC has set me up for a good future and opened many doors for me as a future employee. Since joining the UTC 4 years ago my confidence has grown dramatically, and I don’t believe I would be the same person I am today without the opportunities Health Futures UTC has offered me. The UTC’s focus on independence has pushed me to become more resilient and self-motivated which have both been qualities that have spread to my personality and other aspects of my life.

Zahra Hussain, Sixth Form

I have been a student at Health Futures UTC since the start of year 10. I was bullied at my old school which is the reason why I came to Health Futures UTC. When I first started, I thought I’d get bullied again just like my old school. I WAS WRONG!! The teachers here are so kind, they treat me like a true friend, I would have times where I broke down and needed some company and the teachers (Mrs Pape and Miss Cleary) were here to save the day. This school has really changed me and made me become more of a positive and confident person around others. 

I’ve seen this school change over the years from supply teachers every day to having teachers always coming into school teaching us something new. From having a non-school uniform to having a school uniform which I loved. I like this school so much that I had to come back here for sixth form. In sixth form, we have our own independent time which means we can study and catch up with our work, or even visit the teachers if we need extra help on any homework we were given, we are treated like real adults here.

Parent Testimonial

Health Futures UTC has been a fantastic platform for my daughter to acquire skills and relevant work experience in order for her to facilitate a career in the NHS.  She has achieved excellent GCSE results and the teaching staff have been wonderful in supporting her transition to A levels and university.  The combined academic and practitioner-approach has helped her to flourish at UTC.

Parent Testimonial

Since W has moved to Health Futures UTC, he is a lot happier and his grades has approved and his attitude to learning has positively changed and he is teaching the new students in clinical skills.

Nikita Bhattia, Sixth Form

I’ve been a sixth form student at Health Futures UTC since September 2018, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far. The UTC has provided me with an array of opportunities to broaden my skill set and prepare me for the next stages of life. I’ve gained the status of Head Student in year 12, this leadership role has allowed me to develop my communication and professionalism within the school environment. Skills I have learnt in this role will be of use in my future career.

The UTC also supports students to gain as much work experience as possible, all of which is suited to your future. Personally, I have been able to work on operating departments within Birmingham Children’s Hospital, attend events at hospitals within the West Midlands and at funeral directors. These gave me a wider insight into the medical profession and confirmed the career I would like to go into.

Projects have been a great success at Health Futures, we are able to embed the care values into our daily life, all of which are at the core of the NHS. By doing so we broaden our professional skills and can look in depth into health care related matters. Often meeting with external professionals and service users. Recently the winning groups from the previous project competition were invited to attend the 100 years of Disability Nursing event.  Overall, the UTC has been a great help in my future, developing me both as a person and student; preparing me for university and life in general.

Rachael Garvey

Divisional Director of Nursing & Therapies

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Our experience of working with Health Futures was amazing.  As our specific project was aimed at raising awareness of Learning Disability, and learning disability nursing, it was great to see the students, supported well by the teachers, to really embrace this work. Students showcased a very mature and professional approach to conducting their projects and were enabled to engage with each other, charities, and general public, which led to a demonstrable increase in empathy and awareness of what it is to live with a learning disability.   

As well as identifying the needs people with a learning disabilities may have, and adjustments that can be made to support people better;  there was also a positive approach to recognising and valuing the lives of people with disability too.  The students were also very able to confidently present the work they had completed and what they had learnt.

It was an absolute privilege to be able to work with Health Future UTCs, and to meet the students who are clearly shaping into young people who are developing the qualities, skills and knowledge that will be much needed for healthcare delivery for the future.  

Thomas Bytheway, West Midlands Ambulance Service

Health Futures UTC is a school with a difference. With its clinical area, partnership links and students with a real desire and enthusiasm to learn; it is training the health workers of our future. In conjunction with Health Futures UTC we have worked closely to develop a bespoke paramedic challenge that provides the students with a working knowledge of the ambulance service and life of a paramedic through the use of real life scenarios and the equipment that might be used in an emergency.

The staff are caring, hardworking and always go that extra mile to put the students first and the students are committed to learning and enriching their skills. It’s always a real pleasure to work with Health Futures and I look forward to developing the links between us even further in the future.