Our Projects

Our professional projects are a unique and engaging addition to our curriculum here at Health Futures UTC.

Every Wednesday afternoon our students work in small groups and engage in a project linked to the professional world of health and social care and the care values of the sector. They work with our partners to gain a deeper understanding of the vast array of professions within the health and social care sector. They are given a brief to fulfil that supports the development of many different skills from research, team work and cooperation to creativity, acting and presenting.

This is an experience like no other and at the end of each half term the students have the opportunity to showcase their projects to the local community and all of our stakeholders. 

Use the tabs below to explore the projects we have completed so far.

At the root of all Health and Social Care professions is the need to meet all the care values of the sector. As students seeking a profession in Health and Social Care these care values need to be understood and practised in everyday conduct at school. The aim of this project is to embed these care values and professional conduct with all students and set them on the right career journey.

Care Values Project Brief

How do you know if you are working alongside someone with a learning disability? What does it mean to have a learning disability? What barriers might someone with a learning disability face in everyday life and what extra support might they need? For this project we will be working alongside the learning disability nurses from Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, to celebrate 100 years of learning disability nursing.

Living With Disability Project Brief

What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle? Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Is a healthy lifestyle the same for everyone? How can you ‘live your best life?

Living Your Best Life Project Brief

What is mental health? We all have mental health, but what factors can impact it? What are the challenges for the mental health of a 14 – 19 years old?

Taking Care of Me Project Brief

How are we diverse and what impact does that have on our decisions around celebrating life and death?

Celebrating Life and Diversity Project Brief

We are living in a very different world from when we were last launching a project. Life may be starting to get back to a level or normality but we cannot escape the changes to our everyday lives and what that means for the health and social care sector. It is important for us a school community to reflect on these changes and adapt to the ‘new normal’. One way we do this is by reflecting on the care values we know and love and how these are more important than ever.

The New Normal Project Brief

Congratulations to Miss Otero’s group for the best roleplay video!

I love seeing the students take a project brief and make it their own. It’s been fantastic to see the students developing their leadership, interpersonal and communication skills; in particular with professionals from the Health and Social Care sector. The showcase days make me really proud to take part in these projects with the students.” – Mrs Steed (Director of Post 16 and Health)


As a mentor, I am always proud to see the students shine in the challenges presented to them in the project briefs. The creativity and initiative the young people bring to the tasks never cease to amaze me; while their growth across a range of skills shows just what a special part of our curriculum projects holds. Teamwork, research, time management, resilience, problem solving, confidence and the HFUTC care values in action are just a few of the skills that the students get to develop during these sessions. I see them excel in the project room, in the clinical area, in community projects beyond the UTC and when presenting their work to health professionals. Overall, projects provide a unique and extremely beneficial part of the Health Futures curriculum in both KS4 and KS5.” – Miss Otero (Cover Supervisor)


By projects being a half term occurrence it has opened my mind up to a range of different possible careers. By working with various services  and professionals it has allowed me to develop the first stepping stone to said possible careers. This is due to the fact that projects are a unique experience that does not take place in other schools therefore we are creating great connections that no other students has around the country.” – Sharanpreet Gill (Year 13)