Gain the advantage through Technical Challenge Projects

A fundamental difference between a traditional and UTC education is the integration of Technical Challenge Projects into the mainstream curriculum. Each project, which lasts up to 6 weeks, is designed and delivered by teachers and employer representatives who work in partnership to cover academic and professional learning.

Teaching methods include the use of scenarios and technologies designed to reflect real workplace and community settings. This learning approach is intrinsically linked to classroom studies, combining academic, practical, technical, professional, business and social skills in ways that are meaningful to students and transferable to careers.

Life skills through Enrichment

To enhance learning and personal development each individual student participates in a programme of activities known as Enrichment. These are an integral part of a UTC education offering students the opportunity to learn and share skills and experiences, and encouraging them to face new challenges.

Students may wish to undertake a Duke of York Award, volunteer to help a charity, explore a business initiative, become a Health Cadet, or get involved in art, music and drama community projects. The Enrichment Programme has a strong emphasis on the Personal, Social and Enterprise (PSE) aspects of a UTC education; building confidence, enhancing interpersonal skills and developing a sense of community and social awareness.