Where is Health Futures UTC located?

Health Futures UTC is located at 350 High Street, West Bromwich, B70 8DJ where the main switchboard number is 0121 794 2888.

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Who can apply for a place at Health Futures UTC?

We have an inclusive Admissions Policy for young people aged 14-19 from across the region. Young people can apply to join the UTC at the start of Year 10 or Sixth Form (Year 12). Further information can be found on our How to Apply website page.

Will Health Futures UTC be inspected by Ofsted?

Yes. Health Futures UTC is subject to the same rigorous inspection regime that is applied to all other schools and academies. We aspire to gain the highest possible ratings and will work tirelessly to achieve them.

Are free school meals available?

All students who meet the criteria will be eligible for free school meals at Health Futures UTC. Further details are given in the Information Pack sent out as part of the Application Process or individual enquiries can be submitted via our online Contact Us Form http://www.healthfuturesutc.co.uk/contact

Why are the UTC school days longer than those at traditional schools?

Health Futures UTC aims to prepare students for employment so the UTC day closely reflects a typical business day. Students start at 08:30am every day and finish at 3:50pm Monday to Thursday and 3:30pm on Friday. 

Isn’t 14 too young to specialise in a career-focused education?

Not at all. The curriculum has a focus on healthcare and science but strongly embraces English, maths and science and requires students to study these subjects. These subjects are combined with practical and technical qualifications to ensure transferable learning into the world of work and further education. Students also have the opportunity to develop business, technology, enterprise, financial and management skills. There is a school of thought that suggests that children flourish when encouraged to explore and express the wide range of ideas and possibilities that occur to young minds. They are known to especially benefit from creative learning and collaborative working at a young age. The UTC approach to education reflects these philosophies and taps into the imagination and inventiveness often found in younger learners. An interesting video about how different learning approaches for young people can be beneficial can be found at: YouTube

Do Health Futures students have to sit an entrance exam or pay any fees?

No. Health Futures UTC is a non-selective provider of free education. There are no educational pre-requisites for students joining us at Year 10. However, students joining us at Year 12 are made Conditional Offers that require them to achieve minimum levels in their GCSE’s. 

Do Health Futures UTC students have to choose a career in health?

No. Although there are hundreds of different career choices across health care and health science, a Health Futures UTC education provides young people with excellent academic and vocational qualifications as well as real-life employment experiences, all of which can be transferred to any career path eventually embarked upon.

Do parents have to make arrangements for their child to transfer to Health Futures?

Health Futures’ staff work with schools currently attended by students transferring to the UTC to facilitate a smooth transition for all students. This ensures that appropriate information is available to staff and parents to support each individual. Parents can advise Health Futures if they wish to be involved in discussions and procedures that facilitate the transfer.

Is there a uniform?

Our dress code is simple.  In year 10 and 11, students wear black trousers and a jacket along with a white shirt and a school tie.  There are some Health Futures UTC-branded items, for example sports kit and science lab coats. More information can be found at

HFUTC Dress Code Supplementary Guidance Policy 2020