Health Futures policies are reviewed, revised and approved by the Health Futures UTC Board of Governors as part of its governance responsibilities for the school

As policies are updated and/or as new policies are introduced they will be routinely published in this section of our website.

We work hard to ensure we have inclusive policies that allow all eligible young people the opportunity to benefit from a Health Futures education.  If you have any questions, comments or feedback about any of our policies, or if you cannot find a policy that you are looking for, please use our online Contact Us form to let us know by using the following link



HFUTC Accessibility Plan 2015

HFUTC Admissions Policy & Procedure 2017

HFUTC Anti-Bullying Policy 2015

HFUTC Behaviour Policy 2017

HFUTC Charging & Remissions Policy 2015

HFUTC Complaints Policy and Procedure 2016

HFUTC Data Protection Policy 2015

HFUTC Dress Code & Supplementary Guidance Policy 2015

HFUTC Equalities Policy 2015

HFUTC E-Safety Policy 2015

HFUTC Exclusions Policy 2015

HFUTC Freedom of information Policy & Publication Scheme 2015

HFUTC Home School Agreement 2015

HFUTC Individual Needs and Inclusion Policy 2015

HFUTC-Safeguarding-Policy- July17

HFUTC Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2015

HFUTC Travel Subsidy Policy -for existing students – revised August 2015

HFUTC Travel Subsidy Policy – for students joining from October 2016