Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Ruth Umerah

Assistant Principal Inclusion - Rebecca Griffith

Assistant Principal Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead - Matthew Bradley


Extended Leadership Team

Director of Teaching and Learning - Michelle Cooper 

Director of Post 16 - Kayleigh Steed

Director of Science - Roan Williams

Maths and Sciences

Tajinder Gill - Teacher of Mathematics

Dr Roan Williams - Subject Lead - Science

Jacqueline Morrison - Teacher of Science

Pritha Dhiman - Teacher of Science

Graham Philips - Teacher of Science

Communication and Social Science

Michelle Cooper - Subject Lead - English

Lauren Taylor - Teacher of English

Deveena Sharma - Teacher of Psychology

Matthew Bradley - Teacher of History

Hilary Jones - Teacher of Sociology

Rebecca Griffith - Teacher of Sociology 


Kayleigh Steed - Subject Lead - Health and Social Care

Yvonne Howell - Teacher of Health and Social Care

Sajad Ashraf - Teacher of Health and Social Care

Matthew Bradley - Teacher of PE

Pastoral Team

Matthew Bradley - Designated Safeguard Lead

Emma Nightingale - Head of 6th Form and Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead

Zarah Cleary - Head of Key Stage 4

Sajad Ashraf - Key Stage 4 Pastoral Lead

Wendie Goodwin - Attendance and Student Support Manager

Inclusion Team

Rebecca Griffith - SENCO

Feona Myers - Learning Support Assistant

Work Related Learning and PSHE Team

Kayleigh Steed - Vocational Education and Work Related Learning Lead

Ruth Umerah - Career Pathways

Matthew Bradley - PSHE Coordinator

Rebecca Griffith - Projects Coordinator

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